Lafayette Gun Club's Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our list of upcoming events. If you have any questions please contact us at the Lafayette Gun Club - 757-898-8854.

May I use the range facilities by paying a one-time or daily fee?

No. Lafayette Gun Club is a private club. The facilities are open to members only. Membership information is available by calling the Club office at 757-898-8854 or by visiting the membership page.

Are family memberships available?

There are no family memberships. Spousal memberships are available for $45 which includes the annual fee ($25) and the refundable access card deposit ($20). A spousal membership allows the spouse to use of the Club facilities but does not provide voting privileges. Members’ minor children are allowed to use Club facilities as a guest. The member is responsible for direct supervision of guests who use Club facilities and is responsible for ensuring compliance with all range and Club rules.

Who are the LGC's Directors and how can I contact them?

The names and contact information of LGC’s Board of Directors are posted in the Clubhouse and are also available in the Members Only section on this website. LGC’s Board of Directors are volunteers who are receptive to questions and concerns from LGC’s members.

May I attend meetings of the Board of Directors?

Yes, Club members are welcome and encouraged to attend the Board of Directors meetings, held at the HTF each month. Meeting times are posted in the Quarterly Bulletin and on the Upcoming Events page.

How can I make suggestions to the Board of Directors?

LGC’s Board of Directors welcome your comments and suggestions. The Board of Directors may be contacted via email at the addresses listed in the Board of Directors section of the Members Only page of this website or by calling the Club office and leaving a message with the administrative assistant. Please remember the Board of Directors are volunteers, many with full-time jobs, so responses may not be immediate.

Are guests allowed to shoot at Lafayette Gun Club?

Yes, members may sponsor (sign-in) up to two non-immediate-family guests at a time on any range. This does not apply to immediate family, defined as spouse and children. The member is responsible for direct supervision of guests and for ensuring compliance with all range and Club rules. There is a $5.00 fee for non-family guests.

My 13-year old son is interested in learning to shoot. Does Lafayette Gun Club provide any classes or instruction for kids?

Yes. LGC has a robust Juniors Program open to boys and girls for shotgun, smallbore rifle, air rifle, and air pistol. The Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program is the cornerstone of LGC’s Junior Program. The program’s courses of fire are designed to take shooters from beginning skill levels to nationally recognized skill levels while acquiring awards for each level of achievement. For more information contact the Club office or visit the Juniors' Program page.

Does Lafayette Gun Club provide safety and training classes?

Yes. LGC provides a number of classes and courses including, concealed handgun permit training and personal protection training. Class size may be limited, so please contact the Club office or the Chief Instructor for details.

Does Lafayette Gun Club have classes or provide instruction specifically geared towards women?

No, not at this time. However, women are invited and encouraged to participate in any of the classes offered by LGC. However, the Board of Directors is always receptive to new programs within the shooting sports.